registration procedure

In this section you will find all the necessary information for your registration process at the Mesoyios Neo-Hippocratic Academy.
Download the application form in a PDF file here.


The Academy has a large number of Physics Medical Schools and other facilities required for your Vocational Training.

Attendance Requirements

Each training years is divided into two terms.


All students must complete the prescribed practical aspects of their course through workshops held in held in the premises of Mesoyios Neo-Hippocratic Academy.

Clinical Practices

The subjects that include clinical practice require attendance at the premises of the Academy and will be held at specified dates.

Training Year

100% participation is required for the successful completion of the training program. In special cases of unavoidable absence, the trainee must inform in writing of the reason for his/her absence. More than 30% of absence will lead to failure, unless there is a special agreement due to exceptional circumstances.