The Curriculum leads to the acquisition of a Professional Practitioner Diploma in Naturopathy. The program’s teaching aims to prepare graduates capable of pursuing high-responsibility positions in the professional field where they will effectively promote the development and application of new methods and ideas in Naturopathic Therapeutic Methodologies. The basic philosophy of studies is the acquisition of scientific knowledge and practical skills, both of which are equally important for professional training in the field of Naturopathy to acquire the necessary scientific and technological knowledge, skills and competences so that they can either independently or in collaboration with physicians relevant medical diagnosis, prevent, ameliorate and restore the pathological common treatable conditions, and to perform a Naturopathic health evaluation of the patient, select, organize and a safely perform the appropriate practicums, which are necessary in each case.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates will be able to self-employed or be employed in health centers, private clinics, spa, Health food-supplement stores, as  Natural therapists in the field of Naturopathic therapeutic practices, to continue  for postgraduate studies, University Degree  and or  specialize in specific areas of Naturopathic research.

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