Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach that utilizes natural healthy nutrition, nutrients, natural nutritional supplements and detoxification in the prevention and treatment of common treatable diseases.

It should not be confused with clinical diet or clinical nutrition. The nutritionist carries out natural processes related to the body’s nutritional needs and work with nature’s natural innate healing power to ensure that the body receives from the food the chemical balance in the form of the right nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, enzymes). 

The purpose of nutrition is to provide the body with all the materials it needs to meet its deficiencies and repair the tissues and organs that have been damaged by improper nutrition and wrong lifestyle. 

Career Opportunities

Our graduates will be able to become self-employed or be employed in health centers, private clinics, spa, Health food stores – Nutrition supplements / Herbs etc., and as therapeutic scientists in the field of Nutrition. They also have the opportunity for further University study for the purpose of earning a higher diplomas and degrees. 

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