Homeopathy is a system of Naturopathic practice that treats a disease especially by the administration of minute doses of a remedy that would in larger amounts produce in healthy persons symptoms like those of the disease. It is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’ according to Hippocrates the Father of Medicine. Homeopathy is a systematic method of dynamically stimulating each person’s innate power for prevention and holistic healing.

The holistic nature of homeopathy means each person is treated as a unique individual and their body, mind, spirit and emotions are all considered in the management and prevention of disease. Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine used by over 200 million people worldwide to treat both acute and chronic conditions.

Homeopathic treatment involves Naturopathic Health History taking, and evaluation are all important in establishing the cause of the problem. The purpose of homeopathy is to enhance the body’s defense in its therapeutic action in general, and to empower the self-therapeutic mechanism to strike a balance in the disrupted functions of the body.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates will be able to become self-employed or be employed in Natural Therapy centers, private holistic clinics, spa (Health food stores – Herbal supplements etc). They also have the opportunity for further University study for the purpose of earning a master’s degree.  

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