Herbal Therapy is the study of botany and the use of medicinal plants. Plants have been the basis for treatments for much of human history and this traditional healing method continues to be effectively applied to many common human health problems.

Herbal medicine is also known as phytotherapy. More specifically the term refers to the potent therapeutic effect of relatively processors and consequently chemically complex plant extracts or simply the dried herb in a dry form. In this way the natural therapeutic substances are different from the substances contained in chemical medicines which contain only one chemical component extracted from the plants in their pure form.

The herbal remedy in the broadest sense is a universal form of treatment for the benefit of mankind that uses herbs for prevention and treatment purposes. The purpose of Herbal Medicine is to provide a holistic effect, as each part of the plant may have different healing properties thereby helping the homeostasis of the body.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates will be able to self-employ or be employed in health centers, private clinics, spa, Health Food stores – Nutrition / Herbal supplements etc., and as therapeutic scientists in Herbal Medicine. Graduates have the option to study further for a Degree with English Universities.

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