Founded in 1998, Mesoyios College is one of the leading private colleges in Cyprus with experienced academic staff, professional administration staff and high-quality facilities conveniently located near the center of Limassol. Different types of programs are available to meet students’ ambitions.

Mesoyios College offers a range of academic degrees in Hospitality and Business Studies, as well as professional certificates and diplomas through affiliated departments Mesoyios Business Academy (MBA), Mesoyios Neo-Hippocratic Academy (MHA) and European Computer Competence Certificate (ECCC).

 Specializing in academic and Professional training in the hospitality sector, the Mesoyios College, in addition to its well-equipped training facilities and amphitheater, offers various simulation workshops – unique in Cyprus – for training in restaurant, bar, housekeeping, reception services. Students participate in hands -on courses and acquire practical skills to pursue a prosperous career after graduation.

Mesoyios Neo-Hippocratic Academy (MHA) on the 3rd February 2020 has been incorporated as a division of Mesoyios College to offer innovative Vocational Training in Naturopathic and Alternative Therapeutics in collaboration with English Colleges & Universities. Our goal is not the disease but the prevention  & natural treatment of disease and the preservation of health by natural and safe means.

MHA aims to continue contributing to the profession of Naturopathic Therapeutic Approach to health and disease by providing full and safe Professional training of capable therapists who are committed to continuing their professional development and maintaining high standards of ethical practice.

Our graduates are experienced persons in the profession who can direct the right healing methods, innate prevention and treatment forces in order to restore lost health to the sick as quickly as possible without complications and side effects,  provided that of course the destruction and the degeneration of organs and tissues have not progressed to such an extent as to prevent the expected cure.

MHA is an Academy of Natural therapeutics and not Pharmaco-medical therapies. It is not a Medical school, nor does it behave like that, but it teaches its students not only the knowledge of Naturopathy  but also  general  knowledge of Medicine necessary to be able to identify those situations that require urgent medical help, surgery, or other intervention and refer to such cases to the appropriate Health Professionals.